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Qualified and experienced healthcare staff

At Global Heritage Healthcare Ltd, we provide well-trained/ professional staff for our special needs clients. We offer friendship and companionship, thereby building confidence in our special needs clients.
We pay special attention to their daily nutrition by carefully making their meals. We assist with personal hygiene. We assist our clients with all social duties, including essential cleaning, bill payment, and shopping. And also social activities and recreational support such as hobbies, exercise routines, and visiting friends and relatives to avoid isolation. If you are passionate about providing seniors with dignified, respectful care, you may have what it takes to become a caregiver.

We are Currently recruiting for

- Healthcare Care Assistants
- Support Workers
- Senior Supports
- Care Home Managers
- Senior Carers
- Carer Supports
- Clinical HCAs

We have a huge number of staff in our database covering a variety of specialities

We match an appropriate carer to a client based solely on their care needs. We are an equal opportunities care agency. We do not discriminate against either carer or client base on age, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religion or any other reason.

Recruitment and Vetting

24 Hour Availability

Any time you need assistance there will be an account manager to help you 24 /7. We can also fill in last-minute requirements to ensure minimal staff disruptions.


We profile all our clients and match their precise requirements against our extensive staff database.

Regular Spot Check

In close co-operation with our clients, we regularly undertake spot checks on our workers to ensure they continue to meet the standards we expect of them.